Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Coast - Take 2!

In May we went to the coast for the second time and loved it all the much more. It's such an amazing day trip - we go through the Redwoods and then go play on the beach by Crescent City, all in one day (even leaving after a soccer game that ended at 10). We love it! The sights are amazing - the redwoods are just beautiful and the beach is always a hit by the kids (who weren't as impressed with the "big trees" the second time as they were the first - guess they had already been there done that!).

I'll never forget reading in the scriptures the verses about how everything around us testifies of Christ while I was an art major (one of my original majors at BYU, which ended up being demoted to a minor later). I literally spent the entire 2 hour art class one time drawing ONE leaf. The intricacies and beauty of nature are so incredible and truly testify of Christ and the presence of God. Seeing things like the coast and the redwoods just reiterate that to me.
With that, here is our trip, in picture form:
This was the biggest tree we could find in the certain grove we went to. Wow!
Carter had a yuckie bug that weekend, with a fever, cold, and general gunk so there weren't too many smiles from him, poor guy!
I had to put this one in there - it's similar to the one above that I love of me and the boys, but in this one below Carter just has an all out FROWN. Not happy!

Just look what you see when you look up! Amazing!

We stopped by the tide pools in Crescent City and I loved watching Nathan and Matt explore. They are such birds of a feather with their intrigue in animals and their habitats.
I thought this one was especially sweet as Nathan held onto his dad for support while they explored.

One of those picturesque views that look like they came from a travel book - this shot of a lighthouse in Crescent City.

When we hit the beach for the only time that day, we got our Carter back. He couldn't resist the fun of getting sand in between your toes and mom allowing (actually encouraging) you to get messy. However, the happy moment ended when a huge random wave hit and Matt and I only had time to grab one or two things before it hit. Matt grabbed Luke, I got the cameras...Carter got drenched (don't worry mom - we knew it wasn't enough to carry anyone into the ocean, just enough to get those sitting soaked, which would ruin the cameras vs. Carter's mood). It just wasn't his day!
Luke, true to form, just wanted to get into things - which included continually trying to crawl into the ocean, as well as eating sand (which is a normal Michaelis boy trait). But, he's still a cutie nonetheless!
Nathan, thanks to much time spent on Florida beaches, had no problem embracing the sand....
Also at this little beach there is a small creek, and the boys, of all ages, found joy in throwing rocks and sticks into it.
As we were walking towards our car to drive home from this great day, I turned around and this is what I saw.

As we drove home, Matt and I were so greatful for the beautiful things outdoors that are so wholesome to enjoy together as a family!


Mandi said...

I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to see the Redwood trees and now you've seen them twice! Maybe one of these days when we are rich we'll make it out your direction and see some... yea, probably not anytime soon but it's still fun to think about! It would be fun to see you again. I think on of the last times I saw you was when you were absolutely hugely pregnant (does that work?) and then just after you had your 1st. It's been a while! Looks like all is well in your world! Miss you!

Kristi said...

Wow, what a pretty day. The sun was out at the coast. It doesn't seem like that happens much. I love the picture looking up at the huge tree. I love how your family gets down and dirty at the beach. That is what it's all about.
This posting makes me anxious to go to the coast soon.

The Florist said...

Lucky ducks! I want a coast trip too!

LeeAnna said...

Wow! So beautiful! I LOVED the picture looking up at the tree - what a sight! The beach pictures had me laughing so hard! I remember South Padre and Nathan eating sand by the fist fulls - I didn't know it had become a michaelis trait! How Funny!