Sunday, June 7, 2009

I always knew my handsome husband could stop traffic...

Now I have proof.

The other part of our coast trip I didn't detail was that while playing on the beach we were witnesses to a crazy car crash. Coming too fast around one of those fun sharp turns that are common on the windy roads around the coast, a car flew out of control and landed upside down. The driver (the only occupant) staggered out delerious and seemingly crazy from shock.

Matt, being the awesome responsible citizen that he is, went with a few other people to check on the driver and assist. Matt was soon put in charge of helping control traffic while waiting for an ambulance and a police car.
The funny part of this story is that while Matt was helping, and once it was clear no one was hurt, I, thinking of the blog potential, grabbed a camera and took a couple of pictures. A lady, having just passed the wreck, slowed down enough to tell me, "You know, you could help instead of just standing there taking pictures", but didn't slow down enough to HELP herself!! Oh, it's so easy to judge...(I am also assuming she didn't see the THREE children in my car!)
The not funny part of this story, is that it turns out the driver was just flat out drunk and it took several men watching over him to control him in his drunkenness. The scariest part is that the driver almost hit a car full of a couple and their kids, who were crying from the scary almost-collisan. The man driving his family turned around and had to be restrained from pummeling the drunk driver who could have killed one or several members of this mans family.

You never know what is around the corner in life - may we all cherish the time we have with our loved ones!


Kim said...

Rich says, "Glad to see that Matt's putting that MPA to good use."

Mandi said...

Wow! I've always felt gratitude for the life we get here on earth. It's probably from all the hundreds of stories from my dad. However it always amazes me how dumb a good size of the worlds population is. Do we never learn?

Kristi said...

Oh wow. That is scary...and sickening. When we were in a near accident I cried and felt sick for a couple of days.
I am glad that Matt, "the photographer", and your kids were safe too. scary

Brandan and Becky said...

Every time I run along Old Stage, I think how easy it would be to get hit by a car. So glad you made it home safely.