Saturday, January 10, 2009

For all those picky eaters out there!

I truly wonder what my kids eat. How on earth they are not in the "underweight" cetergory at the doctor's office, because most days I sure feel like I am a failure as a mother as far as feeding my children. Argh. But, I did want to share my current food victory with all of you out there. Three words: peanut butter balls.

Here's the recipe:

  • Mix 1 c. peanut butter (preferably creamy for better consistency, but crunchy will do in a pinch) with 1/2 c. honey or maple syrup (we strongly prefer honey for flavor and health reasons, but both will do).
  • Stir in 1 1/2 c. rice crispies (or 1 1/2 c. crushed chex - my kids love this better just because they like being the mashers that crush them!).
  • Scoop out by spoonfuls onto greased cookie sheet and freeze for approximately 10 minutes. (*You can also add sprinkles for an extra treat or roll the spoonfuls into crushed graham crackers or chopped nuts). Enjoy and store leftovers in freezer (they are gooey at room temperature).

My kids think they are getting a treat, and I am as happy as a clam knowing my kids are eating a good source of protein (peanut butter), no white sugar (gotta love honey), and decently healthy fortified cereals. And, I can make these with my kids without wanting to pull my hair out by the end.

Now if only I could make broccoli so appetizing! (Actually that's the one vegetable Carter likes - but only the tops).

Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday Recap: Part 2

We had an amazing ward Christmas party. It was themed around the Polar Express, and let me tell you, we had it all! The kids (5 and under) arrived in PJs and a conductor greeted the children and gave them their punched "golden tickets". Around the room was a train mural, complete with sillohettes of each of the primary kids, that they had created in primary the weeks before. Also, hanging from the ceiling were not just lights, but snowflakes the kids had made in primary. We had a yummy dinner followed by a short program, including the primary kids singing, which is always a favorite of any parent.

Then, as the grand finale came santa. This was our second santa experience of the year, and it did go better than the first, though it took some convincing to Nathan, ever the logical one, as to why he needed to tell santa AGAIN what he wanted for Christmas (didn't he listen the first time?!). Of course, it was all about mom wanting a better santa picture...

Nathan and Carter in their special new Christmas pjs with good buds, twins Aiden and Anden and best gal pal Mia (actually, around here one of the ONLY girl 4 year olds and popular with all the little boys!)

Carter showing me his golden ticket! Man this party was authentic!

The "train conductor" - what a great costume! Also, you can see in the background the decorations I was telling you about with the train and children sillouhettes.
Nathan singing in the children's choir. I love that he is reading the music - like he can actually read! I am pretty sure it's even turned sideways, but he dilligently looked at it the whole time.
The cutest reindeer on the block!

Here is Santa, Take 1 at the Childrens Museum. Luke was the only one who would sit on Santa's lap and Nathan and Carter wouldn't be up there without mommy (as you can tell from their body language). Too bad too - a very authentic looking santa!
Santa Take 2 at our ward Christmas party. Still a little nervous about it all, but they did get on Santa's lap.
Of course, as we are walking out the door to the car with very tired kiddos, I realize I have more than 2 children and that I didn't get a picture of little Luke on Santa! Ah! So, I rushed back, cut in line (awful, I know - sorry everyone!) to get a quick candid before going home. Whew!
Our thanks to our ward committee and leader for an amazing party and a fun night/Christmas memory!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Holiday Recap: Part 1

Well, I am finally putting my blogging cap back on to recap on the holidays. We spent Christmas with Matt's family in sunny So Cal. Again, unfortunately, Matt wasn't able to join us until the night after Christmas, because of his stinky inability to take vacation until mid-January (6 month probation period). However, the kids still were the highlight of Christmas for us all and made things fun and festive. Here are the Christmas day highlights:

Nathan was the first to wake up (not surprising) at 6 a.m., raring to go to open up presents. I convinced him to wait until I fed Lukie and then finally around 6:30 a.m. me and the kids were all awake and I let them open our door and start waking up the rest of the family. Our three boys are in such different Christmas stages, it was funny to watch present opening. Nathan of course, just wanted to open any and every present (including those not his). Carter opened one or two and was content with those. Luke we couldn't even really get interested in opening presents, he just wanted to crawl away and climb the stairs (the favorite activity of the trip for him).
Here's Luke with his present from Santa enjoying Grandpa Blaine's lap:
The boys enjoying their great new sled from Grandpa and Grandma (though we have yet to have any snow to actually get to use it! Argh.)
Nathan proudly displaying two of his new presents - his lightsabor and laser gun. (He also has his old lightsabor and a new flashlight attached to his pj pants - this kid is loaded!)
The boys both got lightsabors from Santa - not just any old lightsabors, mind you. These glow and make the whooshing noises! Very exciting. Of course, Santa didn't know they don't collapse down to shorter than 1 1/2 feet and, extended, they are taller than Carter. far though, they have only helped the boys play together more and no major injuries. The best is Carter's repeatedly playing "dead" (see last picture below). He says "I dead" and falls down, sometimes even with his tongue sticking out. It's too cute!
Kids sure do make the holiday season. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for the great visit and all the fun new memories!
The holidays, to be continued....