Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oh Lukie!

Luke can't walk. He is 16 months old and can't walk. We, being the oh so seasoned (ha) parents of 3 children know enough that he will probably be just fine and will hit his walking stride soon enough.

A lot of parents are glad to have walking come late as it is less effort to keep up with the child when they are crawling.

Luke may not walk. But, man can he climb!

This kid is SO much energy to keep up with. He was the most wiggly in the womb and that has continued on. He is always into something. He can crawl into the downstairs bathroom, from the toilet onto the window sill, then onto the sink and loves turning on the water, often while sitting CLOTHED in the sink while doing so. Yes, we have tried to buy the baby lock, but our door is a lengthwise handle and the two types they make don't fit - there isnt' enough space between the handle and the door frame. Argh. Once I just plain locked it for three days straight and made the rest of the family use the upstairs bathrooms just for peace of mind (Nathan griped about that one!)

His latest is to crawl onto chairs and then onto the kitchen table and eat whatever is still there. With his hands of course. So, not only can I not have a CRUMB on my floor else ants will come, I have to not have food on the table or Luke will come.

Oh Luke. It's a good thing you have the sweetest happiest disposition - you keep us not only on our toes but smiling!


Kristi said...

That Luke is so fun to listen to at church. If there is a baby anywhere near he is doing his funny little song. He is a cutie. Eventually they grow out of the climbing, right? I don't remember.

Amanda said...

I love the applesauce picture. Your boys are darling!