Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Matt

I am at my in-laws for the holidays and don't have access to my pictures for updates on our holiday festivities, so I decided to steal Callie's blog idea about her husband, since few of you know him nearly as well as me (guys just don't get to sit around and chat for hours during the day during playgroups like us lucky moms! Course they don't have to break up nearly as many kid fights, clean up as many messes...I think it balances out = ).

FIVE THINGS HE LOVES (excluding me and the kids and any gospel references - those are an understood and not very telling):
  1. Music - In the past year or so you would think the guy breathes it, he always has some melody going through his head, often one he is creating (see previous blog about his music). I am wowed with his ability to pick things apart and hear all the different pieces of a song, everything from instruments to chord structures
  2. Animals - He loves watching the nature channel with the boys and you should the meticulous and caring way in which he takes care of our pets - and they are only hermit crabs!
  3. Sports & Exercise
  4. Americas Funniest Home Videos (or any other like show that just make you laugh out loud at spoofs)
  5. Making a difference - that's why he became a government employee (yes, big shock - it wasn't for the money...)

5 Things on His To Do List

  1. Finish updating our home video collection
  2. Clean the house (this one is sweet - the kids and I left in a whirlwind, as trips always go, and Matt is slowly trying to put that whirlwind back together)
  3. Get some actually restful sleep (with me and the kids gone, that's his only chance, as with 3 young kids, we hardly every get to sleep uninterupted through the night!)
  4. Build our family music collection
  5. Watch the movies I said were too boring and didn't want to watch with him

5 Foods He Enjoys

  1. He would say anything "Autumn makes" - I love that he is the number one fan of my cooking
  2. Broccoli - Matt is my hero - he's the only person I know who often eats based on how the food makes him feel, and thus loves good broccoli
  3. Mexican food
  4. Cereal
  5. More cereal!

5 Things You May Not Know About Him

  1. He is so funny. He does a great job of trying to get me to laugh more and loosen up about life.
  2. He's a thinker.
  3. He is not quiet. Because he is a thinker he is fabulous at not saying things without thinking about them (unlike his wife...I have gotten better though!), but mistaking his pensiveness for having nothing to say is his number 1 pet peeve! He won't add to a conversation just to make himself look good.
  4. He is a work horse. He even got the "workhorse" award in his masters program from his peers because he knows how to discipline himself.
  5. He can do one impressive turkey gobble.

5 Places He Has Lived

  1. King City, CA
  2. Provo, UT
  3. Belgium and France (his mission)
  4. San Dimas, CA
  5. Cape Coral, FL

5 Quirky Things About Him

  1. He is a nazi on dental care (he accredits it to his dental merit badge - like if he eats something sweet, he has to eat something to get it off his teeth)
  2. I don't think he has ever gone more than 3 days without working out (okay, that's just impressive, not so quirky...)
  3. He does the socks and sandals scene
  4. He is a total homebody.
  5. He doesn't like the tangy taste of most berries (I was raised on them and LOVE them, but him, not so much)

There it is. He is the love of my life and I sure am missing him right now, as his new job is keeping us apart for the holidays this year. I love you!


SevenVillageIdiarts said...

Very sweet. . . we were hoping to invite you guys over for Christmas eve, but you left town and Matt has plans, so anyway, we'll miss you, maybe next year. . .

Kari said...

Too sweet, I bet he is missing you guys, it can get pretty lonely after a few days without the fam! I hope he is still planning on a Rockin' Christmas Eve with the Shirts and Holleys!! You know he always has a place at our homes when you are away!

Ira and Claudia said...

That was great Autumn. Ira and I have always thought very high of Matt. We know he's great person and hey he marries another amazing person.
I am glad you said that he thinks a lot and that's why he talks when he needs to. I don't know how many time I've bugged Ira about the same thing. Of course i've learnes my lesson becuase when he had enough of me saying that it really means enough.
Now that you are in Oregon and Ira and I have chose that state as one of top states to move in the future. Who knows, we may end up in the same R.S. presidency.
Well I think Matt and you are amzing human beings and are raising three handsome boys. I miss you and wish you a merry Christmas. Please send me your phone number, I really want to talk you.

Ira and Claudia said...

Me again. I was just reading my comment to you and I just want to apologize for my incredible grammatical mistakes. Anyway Feliz Navidad!

Anonymous said...

Matt here. oh my hunny. you nailed everything. thank you so much! fan my eyes! fan my eyes! i'm so tired of snuggling with my winter parka.

Scott | Callie| Mia| Ava said...

I love this- so fun to find out more about Matt. It's especially nice to know that he wears socks and sandals. What is it with guys???

Kristi said...

I love the getting to know you posts. The eating something after eating sweets quirk is hilarious.
He loves AFV? Spencer's brother and wife LOVE that show. They even sent in a home video of Spencer that aired last year. We should try to find it an show you guys.
By now you are back together as a family. Hooray! I hope you had a great Christmas.

Christine said...

What a great post...I love getting to know Matt better b/c he is so sweet and humble so you wouldn't be able to get all this out of him. I love that he is a thinker and it was pretty funny on Christmas night to see Sarah who talks a million miles a minute try and finish all his sentences and then he would respond..."no what I was going to say was..." It was pretty funny watching and fun to hvae him over even though I'm sure it wasn't as rockin' as the holley/shirt christmas eve...us idiarts are a little more boring. But I am so glad you are reunited and that you'll be back for the big New Years party. Oh and I love that you call eachotehr "hunny." I noticed you wrote that on my blog and then he said that in his commnet...which by the way was so cute. I lvoe with the husbands get on our blogs once a year and comment! It was so cute and funny about the parka. I could tell he really was missing you guys and was ready to get down there to be all together again. I hope next year you can all stay in the same place for the holidays! Well have a safe trip back and we'll see you soon.