Monday, December 15, 2008

Let it S-N-O-W!

We have spent the last two years of our family life in sunny Florida, where they claim 350ish days of sunshine a year. The beach was literally down the street and, during the summer, we went twice or more times a week. Once you accepted the fact that sand would just be in every crevice of your body, car, house, and your children, it was fabulous.

However, variety is definitely meant to be a part of life and a wonderful cold front came in this weekend and snow with it. We were bummed we didn't have any snow on the ground by Sunday, but the boys thought it was magical Sunday morning when we showed them the flakes of snow coming down and insisted on throwing jackets and shoes on on top of pjs and going outside "in the snow". All they could figure to do with it was catch the snowflakes. Well, Nathan did - Carter just thought it was fun to run around with his tongue out!

We were thrilled this morning when we woke up to find an exciting two inches of snow on the ground. Carter has never seen it and Nathan only knows he has seen it before from videos of him playing in it at age two (see pic below), but doesn't remember it.

So, once we dug deep into our "haven't-used-it-since-living-in-Utah" winter clothes box for all the necessary coverage, we went out into the snow. These boys obviously had gained some sense of what to do in the snow because, as soon as I stepped out (they were in the backyard and had gone ahead of me) they grinned at each other, counted to three and then chucked two snowballs at me! Little stinkers! We used pretty much all the snow behind our town home to make our snowman. I have to tell you though - we never could get a good snowman going in Utah, but for some reason it was super easy here, just roll the little ball along and it picked up tons of snow and voila - a snowman! We were sad we didn't get to go sledding with daddy, as the snow melted very quickly, but maybe next time.

(Nathan was very upset we only had baby carrots for the nose and told me we needed to keep the big carrots around just in case! Still, I think our 10 minute snow man turned out pretty cute!)


SevenVillageIdiarts said...

That is a pretty cute snowman!! I love all the pictures, your boys are really adorable!

Kari said...

At least your snowman was a decent height, my kids wanted no help from Mom, so ours ended up being mini snowmen!!

Kristi said...

We don't get a lot of it but when we do it is so much fun for the kids. Snowball throwing must be a natural reaction to snow for young boys. Carter seems to have the idea, if it is wet and falling from the sky just open up your mouth.
Luke and Benny's gingerbread tents are almost down to just some frosting and a few decorative embellishments. I hope you don't mind, that is a tradition we are going to have to steal and adopt as our own. Thanks again.

sweet mama entropy said...

How fun to get snow! We hope one day to see snow again. Preferably before the boys are old enough to shovel it instead of sled in it :)

Scott | Callie| Mia| Ava said...

How fun! I'm glad you guys had a great time in the snow. And, ask Sarah Idiart about her snowman kit- it is DARLING and would be a fun enrichment project.