Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sweet Lukie

So with my first baby, everything was so new that I couldn't appreciate much of anything - I was too busy figuring the whole baby thing out! With the second baby, I was trying to figure out how to keep child A happy when child B had needs, so still didn't cherish the baby scene as much as I could have. However, child number three rolls out and he is just amazingly laid back and just one happy kid. We have loved every minute of him. Don't get me wrong, things are still chaotic around here at times (okay, okay maybe more often than not), but somehow with number three I just feel like I can finally appreciate. I am no longer worried and hurriedly checking the baby books to see if he is crawling soon enough or what milestones he should be reaching. I can't say I have the "hang" of motherhood by any means, but have been around the baby block enough times that I can just enjoy this one. And, boy is there a lot to enjoy.

Luke just learned to pull himself up and he is just so tickled by himself that everytime he does, he just starts making serious happy noises and sporting the biggest smile. Not just the first time he did, every single time since. If only I could be as proud of myself for the small accomplishments in life. So here's to you my cute little Lukie - may I smile and light up around those I love as much as you do and learn to rejoice in everyday victories.


sweet mama entropy said...

Sweet post :)

Kristi said...

Wow, your boys look so similar. My family is also a family of mutts. We all look so different.
Your boys are all so cute. So if you follow the pattern around here of three boys and then a girl, what will your girl look like, a girl version of them? I am trying to picture it.
Your Luke is such a sweet baby. I have only heard him cry a handful of times and that is including at aerobics.
I agree about the enjoying your babies more after the first two. I think I felt so unsure if I was doing the right thing that I missed the enjoying part of parenting, but with Benny and now Lila, I love to sit and snuggle with them and enjoy them while I can.

Melanie said...

I got them all right! That was a fun game. I do read your posts. Thanks for keeping everyone updated. It is great to hear of all the great stuff you are doing. I love receiving texts from Matt and reading what you wrote. Thanks for taking the time to write this blog.