Saturday, November 1, 2008

A "Super" Halloween

I love the holiday season. Come October 1, I am pulling out the boxes of Halloween decorations and we just decorate and do various festive activities for the next two months (we take a short break between New Years and Valentines day and then we enter the "birthday months" (Luke, then Matt, then Carter, then Nathan with Easter sandwiched between)). My mom instilled in me a love for the holidays and the great way they break up the day to day life.

This year for costumes let my kids pick their costumes and apparently (as you will see in later pics) the hot costumes for little boys are superheros. My budget directed Nathan towards superman (okay, so I found the costume in the thrift store for $3 and we were both pumped - the only costume I didn't have to make!), Carter already had the batman mask, and Luke already had the incredibles shirt. So, several late sewing nights later, I had three adorable superheros on my hands. They had a blast going to a great kids Halloween party on Thursday, Trick or Treating at dad's work on Friday, as well as Trunk or Treating at the church, and then hitting a few houses Trick or Treating, as Nathan informed us the Trunk or Treating wasn't the "real" trick or treating. I definitely thinned out their candy (some I bought, some I just threw away when they went to bed), but all in all we had a great Halloween.

The development of a Superhero:

Step 1: Get some muscles (ours were so conveniently built into the costume, no crunches
or ab shock belts for us!)

Step 2: Show off your muscles to everyone. Especially bad guys so they will know to stay

I love how there is also apparently a "muscle-showing-tough-guy" face, which Nathan so perfectly displays!

Carter didn't quite get the whole showing off your muscles scene.

But, he soon perfected his own tough guy fighting stance:

Step 3: Develop an alliance with other superheros to ensure you will be able to pow the snot out of any bad guys in the vacinity! (This is Nathan and some friends at the kids Halloween party - there were about 10 little boys there and almost all of them were superheros!)

Nathan also had his first experience with bobbing for apples at the party. It was a race between two kids and Nathan lost in a matter of seconds, but was determined to do it. This is him bobbing away:
Then, realizing how hard it was, this is him resorting to cheating (using his hand) to get an apple:

Then, finally, in his cute little determined way, he wanted to try again without cheating and made all his little friends wait for what seemed like forever for him to finally get an apple:

And finally (yes, believe it or not this is 1/10 of the pictures we actually took of this holiday), here are the cute pics from before heading off to trick or treating. Oh, and if you are wondering, Luke is Jack-Jack, the baby from the Incredibles.


Hani and Amanda said...

I love your "super hero" boys. So cute! Did you make Luke's costume? You did a great job with the Incredibles costumes.

Jon and Laura said...

I read your comment on our blog and remembered that you have a blog now too. I put a link to yours from mine so I wouldn't forget. Oh my word your kids are so big. I can't get over Nathan, he is not a toddler anymore. I miss you guys so much. I hope that all is well (it appears to be) :)
I will be checking your blog more often so we can keep in touch.
p.s. Autumn, you look awesome. In perfect shape, as always!

Kari said...

So cute Autumn, but I think you should have let Nathan be Violet, that would have been hilarious! We just love you guys, it has been fun getting to know your little fam. FYI, if you stop having kids now, all of our children will be in the same grade at the same time!!

Mandi said...

I love the costumes! I can't believe you have 3 boys already. Every time I see your blog I think WOW! I hope we get to see them sometime and that you can meet our little Sam who's not so little. He's a handful but a joy! Never stops moving that's for sure (even when he sleeps). Only 5 weeks left till #2 comes or maybe sooner if I'm lucky! Good luck with your cute guys! :)

Christine said...

ok so i just wanted to comment one more time b/c these really were the cutest all mathed perfectly! And the fact that you made most of them is also amazing... or should i say "incredilble!" You need to put the one of the whole fam at the trunk-or-treat...that was just too cute! And you know those muscles really wont be built in the suit for much longer if you get your boys on the same track you are...even jared commented the other day about how nice your arms are! husband was checking you out! Ok...don't get scared...I had just mentioned something about your muscley arms and the tricep cut you have and he was like yah...I know...she even has the vain there too! SO just know that we are all amazed by the incredible shape you are in! You really are one of the most all-around talented people I know. Great baker, seimstress, crafty, fun, spiritual, dancer and aerboics got it all girl!

Kristi said...

I am very impressed with your sewing capabilities. If I ever get ambitious enough to make Halloween costumes I know who to call. We missed seeing you at the trunk or treat but did see Mr. Incredible and Jack Jack.
I miss aerobics and hanging out with you and your boys at the park. I am hoping to get a handle on this new baby thing soon so you can whip me into shape.