Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Amazing Hubbie

I am posting below a video of Matt improvising some blues and a little bit of jazz at a talent show when we lived in Florida. I don't know that everyone knows about this recently developed talent of Matt's. He's amazing and just decided to write me a little blues birthday ditty on the piano 5 years ago this month. That was cute and endearing, but also opened up a door for him of creative exploring into the world of piano, specifically jazz and blues. He played in a Jazz band in high school, but trumpet. So, the music skills were there, but only a little bit in piano from lessons as a child. After his little birthday number, piano really struck a chord (sorry, had to make that pun!) and he was off and running. He has done tons of research and practicing and has gone leaps and bounds from a small piano ability to what you see below.

Everything he plays is written and created by himself (how many of the current popular/mainstream musicians can say that!) and I just love hearing him play and create. I am certainly his biggest fan! He has come a long way over the years. Unfortunately since he’s developed symptoms of carpal tunnel his piano playing has died off a bit. But he has taken up songwriting -- refer to to check out his songs (he really values feedback).

What can I say, one of several ways in which my husband is amazing!



Kari said...

Wow, Wow, Wow, that was really impressive, who knew your cute husband was hiding all of those Harry Connick Jr. moves?? I showed Ryan and he was equally impressed! And the lyrics on his myspace were fab too, what a great little hobby to have.

Christine said...

So Jared had told me about this the other day when I guess Matt sent an emial out to get critique...well I had no idea your husband was so talented! So why is he not in the Choir...or playing for the choir for that matter...we could really use it! I can't believe he writes all his own stuff...that is amazing! I love how music is such a great way to express yourself and I too love that my mom instilled in me the love for I want to hear the trumpet...he can do a cool little duet with the paino and trumpet like that guy on Kristi's blog just taping each part separtely then adding the whole thing! That would be some kind of show! And hello...why didn't he share this at the ward campout talent show? We'll have to hold another one just for him!

Christine said...

ps so when is your bday? You said he wrote it for you 5 years ago this month...i hope i didn't miss it! And I don't hvae a handy RS bulletin to go check either.

Kristi said...

wowee! Impressive. I could only get the one to work, not that I would have any helpful feedback on any others. I am impressed by anything I cannot do.
Mahjinka might be getting a call about this new found talent. She is the ward music chairman afterall.

Christine said...

Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday today. Hope you made it safe and sound to Texas and had a little time to celebrate your big day. Have a great week and we'll see you soon! Love ya.

Ira and Claudia said...

Amazing! Ira and I love jazz. Matt definitely is a very talented musician. Tell him that we are very impressed, that was a great video.