Thursday, November 6, 2008

Name that Baby!

All this sentimentality about baby Luke has made me take a stroll down memory lane, taking a look at baby pictures. Some people see no resemblence between our boys. Some think our two oldest are twins (okay, only mostly elderly women in Cape Coral thought that one...). I think our boys definitely look alike, but that yearing from alikeness might come from the fact that I come from a family of "mutts" (not in a lesser-breed type way, but in a look-nothing-alike type way). My sister has strawberry blonde hair, my brother red curly, my other brother almost black wavy hair, and then me with stick straight mousy-brown, though all of us with gray-blue eyes. So, having come from a family where someone thinks my brother is my boyfriend before they would guess brother, I would LOVE to have some family resemblence between my kids!

What do YOU think? My friend Kristi did a cute little "guess the baby picture" on her blog, so I am going to steal that great idea. Do they look alike? Can you tell who is who? Do you know your Michaelis boys? Answers posted at the bottom of the page- just drag your scroll bar to the bottom of this page to my first post - so you won't cheat! (PS - Pictures are in black and white because Carter came out with bright strawberry blonde hair and his pictures would be too easy to guess!)


sweet mama entropy said...

Nailed it! Pretty good for only seeing them once a year, huh (and not even met Luke yet)? Actually, #7 threw me for a second because I knew #8 was Nathan, but #7 just looked too much like him too, so I ended up getting it right :)

I do think your kids have a family resemblance (especially Luke and Nathan - they look so much like Matt, and Carter more like you), but they each have their own distinct look too.

And I'm with you on the multitude of 1st baby pictures thing! Back when there was one parent to wrangle the baby and one to hold the camera (and no other kids). Ah, life was so easy then! :)

Jen said...

That was fun. I got Carter right but mixed up one of Luke and Nathan. I love baby pictures.

Even we have lots and lots of pictures of Joseph and not as many of Aaron. I just need to set up a shoot with Stephen to take some more of Aaron.

Christine said...

so 5/8 was pretty good...those are so cute! Your boys are adorable...and I am definetly hoping that Elise and Luke hook up one day...he is the sweetest little thing ever! So how did you do the who's who thing? That was really great. OH and btw...thanks for the great carving tip...why didn't i think of toothpicks!?!

The Hunter Family said...

Autumn: I like that look alike contest. I will have to do that with my boys. I have 3 boys as well, you can check out my blog. Your boys are darling. They have grown up fast. We are living in Salt Lake. Nick is going to the U for Physical Therapy school.