Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sprinkler Fun

What kid doesn't deserve a good run through the sprinkler on hot summer days? I remember doing so fondly (though not so fondly when I recall that my dad was fumming when I had run the grass to death...) and when I found out a sprinkler attachment was only a few dollars I decided to give the same fun memories to my kids.

What, we don't have a back yard? Well, no we don't . Nor a front yard for that matter. So what grass am I picturing my kids running through? That's right - the two foot wide strip of it in front of our house. Laugh all you want, these kids had a great time and I got my good mommy points for the day!

At first they were only brave enough by holding hands, squinting their eyes shut, and running as fast as they could through the sprinkler.
Often Carter just plain ran around, just giggling at how the sprinkler "missed" him. Oh, he's so tricky!

I love the squinched eye squealing pictures. This is what I am talking about!
Finally, as they got braver, they went through the sprinkler on all fours as "dinobots". Don't know what a dinobot is? Ha, some transformer fan you are! It's robots that transform into dinosaurs instead of cars of course. Don't worry, Nathan has made sure to educate all the other kids on these old school transformers (because we only let him watch the old original (less violent) transformer shows). Sorry about that ladies.
Top it off with a fudgicle on the porch and we had a rockin day!

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Kristi said...

Does it get any better than that? Really. That is what childhood memories are made of.