Sunday, September 20, 2009

Summer Wrap-up

Yes, I know school has been in session now for two weeks, but my poor digital camera died, forcing me to use the photo option on our video camera to capture any kodak moments. I finally figured out how to get them onto the computer, so now it's blog catch-up!

Towards the end of the summer we had an amazing group campout with a big group of friends in the Redwoods. Wow! I thought it was great to just visit the redwoods, and you have seen plenty of my pictures of that, but man, to camp there - talk about the perfect family vacation, especially with my boys. We had such a blast exploring, hiking, playing in the river. We hope to go every year! Here are some of the funny highlights:
The boys LOVED how you could crawl in and through these old big trees. We had to pull them away when it was time to move on to something else. Here is Nathan with a good buddy Isaac.

We of course had our hands full at time, especially with little Luke who doesn't know not to touch fire, eat dirt, or tough poison ivy. For the most part it was doable to contain him, but when we were trying to cook meals it was a little more challenging. We quickly found out that Luke couldn't get down from this stump on his own...are we awful parents or just creative?

Carter contained himself - having a blast playing in the "bear box" - the box you put food in to prevent bears from smelling or getting into it (of course we paid close attention to make sure he didnt' get trapped!).

The kids loved the river - throwing rocks, building dams. Kids and nature is just such a natural mix - I love it!

Daddy's adventure of the weekend - jumping off this over 20 foot high rope swing. Wowsers!
One of the things I love about Oregon is the proximity to such great fruit (not the case in FL). There are even an overabundance of blackberries that grow everywhere (it's kind of a problem here) and you can go a lot of places to pick them for free. I didn't get as many this year as last, but the kids still loved the fruits of my labor - especially Lukie!
Mine all mine!!

Mmm mmm good! I love how both the boys would just belly up to the whole bowl and dive into the berry goodness.

There are a lot of toys I wouldn't mind getting rid of, but dress up clothes are ones I am always trying to aqcuire when I see a good deal. The boys just have so many fun adventures with them. Neighbors and friends laugh at the boys going into public places with them on, but for the most part I don't mind letting them express themselves (though Carter wearing a 2T woody costume to storytime was probably borderline PC = ).
Carter loved riding his bike with the cape on because he said the wind made his cape blow.

Even Luke insisted on getting in on the action on this one, of course wanting to put on the biggest costume we have (and Carter once again wearing the 2T sized one!).

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Aubs said...

If it makes Carter (and you) feel any better, I had a 6th grade student who wore a 3T Cookie Monster Halloween costume one year. My philosophy, if they can get in and out of it, let them wear it! (This coming from the woman who has worn some of the dress up clothes made for the grandkids...)