Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sledding in March!

For Christmas Grandpa Blaine and Grandma Heidi (Matt's parents) gave our family a great new sled. Because we were moving, we didn't try to hit the hills until Matt's birthday weekend (March 20). But, what can we say - we love Oregon. Where we live you don't have to be in feet of snow to be within driving distance of snow. We thought for sure we would be out of luck in finding somebut headed up towards Crater Lake to a great sledding spot called Union Creek with fingers crossed. We were driving and saw no snow, no snow....until we hit the sledding spot and almost like someone waved a magic snow wand - snow! We were so excited and had a great time (especially Matt!).

Matt definitely made the most runs, with Nathan at a close second. Nathan used to be such a cautious little kiddo, but has become more and more adventurous.

At the bottom of the hill Nathan would pop off and say - "That was fun - let's do it again!"

Here's a cute pic of the boys enjoying riding on their new sled.

Sleds aren't much fun to sit on unless they are moving, so the boys quickly enlisted the "daddy horse" to pull the sled. They made rounds over and over again, over little hills until they wore the daddy horse out. (And, yes, mom, Matt brought a jacket (see above picture), he just took it off when he was hot)

So what did Luke and Mom do through all of this? Well, I documented everything (hence the pictures and some video footage) as well as stuck with Luke. We started Luke out in the stroller, though as you can see from this picture he was dying to get into the action!

Finally he had had it being stuck in the stroller, so I moved him to the snugglie (after I had done my all of two sledding runs - I am not much of one for uncontrolled speeds!) and we spent the last hour like this:

Carter had been quiet while I was taking pictures/video of Matt and Nathan sledding so I checked up on him and he promptly told me how delicious snow is. At least it was clean snow!

Finally, after sledding, making snow angels, and eating snow the last thing was to make a snowman. However, towards the end Nathan realized how cold his toes were and Luke was super mad at not being allowed to crawl around in the not a happy looking bunch, but a great snowman!


Amanda said...

What a great day! I LOVE the snowman and I didn't notice the boys' faces until you pointed out their slight unhappiness. We always say "All good fun ends in tears!" Then you KNOW you've had a good time.

Kristi said...

So you did eventually make it up to go sledding. Good for you guys. It seems like I am always stuck with the little one too, although I don't think I could be a work horse like the men are able to.
Happy spring sledding!