Friday, March 27, 2009

February Recap - Sweet Lukie Turns One!

Luke has been an absolute joy, a sunshine baby. All of our babies have been fairly happy babies, and I thought Carter was a sunshine boy (believe it or not - minus the craziness of Carter lately, he is a very happy guy), but Luke has topped it all. If he cries, we know it's because he's tired, hungry, or in pain - otherwise he is smiling through it all: happily played in his carrier (for often the whole hour!) until just recently while I taught aerobics at the church, still exploring and happy despite the crazy nap (or should I say napless) schedule that comes with being the third. He is just so much fun. Matt has loved it because the other two have been such momma's boys, but Lukie loves his daddy!

We love you Luke and are so glad you are a part of our family! Here are some pictures from his big day (actually the celebration waited until my parents were in town to celebrate with, as his birthday was actually on the day we were traveling home from NM):

Here I am with the birthday cake. My dad always made our own cakes for holidays, and I love the creative part of carrying on that tradition - I love seeing what I can make! I was especially excited for Luke's birthday because he doesn't have any requests - I just made a cake I have wanted to for a long time. It's a dragon, complete with chocolate covered graham cracker cookie scales, and fruit roll up wings. Isn't it fun?!

This is Luke's first introduction to large amounts of sugar - aka his birthday cake. He wasn't too sure about it at first.

Then he started warming up....

Finally, he was begging for more! What a cute cakey smile!

Luke is one and our third boy, so birthday presents were pretty minimal. I got him some leather slip on shoes (you know, the kind with no sole so they can feel the floor for walking, but can't take off and loose their socks everywhere!), and then we used the money from Aunt Aubrey to get his one and only toy. We did such a great job getting a cool toy that we had to remind his brothers over and over to let him play with it!

Happy Birthday Luke!


Kristi said...

Cute Luke. He is such a trooper. He seems to be adapting to his mobility quite well.
What was that cake? Was it a dragon? Very creative and neat.

Amanda said...

We LOVE the ball popper! It is one of our favorite toys. The balls are fun - but try feathers and those poofy pom-pom balls (the small ones) from a craft store. They are even better than the balls - if you can manage to not get tired of finding them all over your house.

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LeeAnna said...

OMGoodness! I can't believe how big Luke has gotten! He is beautiful, Autumn! And I am very impressed with the dragon bday cake!