Friday, March 27, 2009

February: A Recap (Part 1)

Still playing catch up here, but thought it better late than never! February was a fun, crazy month with a trip to Alburquerque, NM for Matt's brother Tim's wedding, Luke's first birthday, as well as all the insanity that comes with buying a house.
First, Tim's wedding. It was Matt's first chance at real vacation, as they don't let him use vacation during the first 6 months of work - poor guy! We were excited to go check out a new place. It was really only a long weekend, but the wedding was beautiful, it was wonderful to see family, and our favorite part of Alburquerque was this gem of an aquarium we spent an afternoon at, quite by accident.

You start walking through the aquarium and see some small fish tanks, walk by the big swim tanks for the sting rays, then see some cool eels (you're thinking, oh this is nice..), then BAM - you are infront of this amazing giant aquarium (the kind that is so big they build risers into the floor so you can just sit and enjoy). The kids could have spent forever watching in there - there were sharks, turtles, sting rays, various fish, and we even got to see the workers feed them all. It was so cool!

These eels just made me think of Flosom and Jetsom in the Little Mermaid (yes, I even remember their names - I was obsessed! I had the sheets, the sweetshirt, the movie, knew all the moves and songs...)

The glass on the giant aquarium was obviously specialized - you felt like you could just touch the fish!

There was an amazing jellyfish tank as well - we love this picture that Aunt Megan took of Lukie just mezmerized by them!

Here are a few pictures from the wedding. Like I said, it was beautiful and the love the bride and groom had for each other was very sweet. All our little boys had on white shirts and matching ties - it was adorable!

The handsome couple - Uncle Tim and our new Aunt Kaitlyn

The kids were pretty pooped by this point in the day (can't you tell by Nathan's fake smile and having to lean against me!), but amazingly enough Carter is the only kid smiling!

This is all of Matt's immediate family - Top row (right to left): Megan, Matt, me and Carter, big football player Aaron (just entered the MTC for Samoa!), and Melanie; bottom row Grandpa Blaine, Kaitlyn and Tim (holding Luke), and Grandma Heidi with Nathan. What a great group!

It was a fun trip, and we love any chance to see family! Hope you are loving married life Uncle Tim!


Mandi said...

You look amazing! I hope I look that good soon! :)

Amanda said...

Your pictures of the eels is amazing! Thanks for the update!

Aubs said...

What sassy hair you have! Well done.

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

What a great family pic! Damian was a BIG Ariel Fan, too. It came out when we were in about 10th or 11th grade and he LOVED her. We were friends our Freshman year at BYU and for some reason I knew that he loved this cartoon girl. One of my friends worked at a video store and she gave me the HUGE Lil' Mermaid poster. I cut Ariel out and wrote Damian a Big letter on the back and sent it to him on his mission. We still have it. OK, what did that story have to do with anything? See you!