Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our trip to Portland

If you haven't noticed, the blogging bug has been dead for me for the last little while - as I am just barely pulling myself out of the post-holiday blogging sluff. But, what can I say, between teaching aerobics 8 hours a week, doing the kid scene, running a personal training fitness challenge for some friends, and buying a house I can feed you all kinds of excuses (oh wait, I just did!). But, instead I will just back track a bit in time to cover the latest Michaelis happenings.

Last month we took a three day weekend to head up to Portland to see my oldest brother Jonathan and his wife and daughter. They took us around to see some of the sights and we hda a great time (despite Carter flat out disproving my statement that "I think he is coming out of the screaming stage." Sigh.)

One of the boy's favorite things was the Portland Children's Museum. Lucky for us they now have a traveling Bob the builder exhibit that was a huge hit with my little guys, especially Carter (no family get together on my side is complete if we don't all hvae the bob the builder song in our heads from all of the little boys chanting it! How can you not love a guy who gets to use tools and has talking trucks?!)

Here are the boys posing with Bob and his cat. I love the look on Nathan's face!

Every time Carter got behind the wheel of one of the trucks, he had a smile on his face!

So they announced that Bob was coming LIVE to meet and greet. We excitedly joined in line with other little boys and parents to get our picture with Bob. We wait, and wait, so excited. Then, it's our turn with the big guy and the boys have a Santa moment - they want nothing to do with this strange person with a plastic head. As other parents watch on, I make my kids come sit with me with Bob (I had just waited 15 minutes in line, gosh darn it!). As you can see, they were far from excited.

Sweet Luke being scooped up by a digger truck.

Nathan not even turning to look at the camera as he gives a thumbs up. We had to drag him away from these trucks kicking and screaming when it was time to give other kids a turn.

Carter also happily behind the big steering wheel.

This is my sweet sister in law Jenelle and their beautiful little girl Annika. I don't think she was nearly as excited about all these trucks. Poor kid, she is one of 2 granddaughters on my side, with 6 grandsons and, until her twin sisters are born, is just doomed to be surrounded by little boys, their noise, and their trucks.

The boys love the water exhibit and the chance to get all wet without getting in trouble!

I know this is supposed to be for the kids, but we took the opportunity to get a rare shot together.

On Sunday, before we went home, we took a few hours to go see the beautiful waterfalls around Portland. However, there was ridiculously strong wind. I wish I had a video - people at one lookout point were, I kid you not, falling down just trying to walk to their car the wind was THAT strong! We drove past all kinds of fallen debree and even a few trees. We thought for sure a tree was going to fall on us as we drove, it was crazy. Needless to say, the boys weren't too interested in getting out of the car to look around. So, we just would run out of the car (one at a time) take a few pictures and then run back in and drive to the next waterfall. We look forwrad to going back in the summer and actually getting to enjoy the view!

And finally, Carter is very independant and determined to do everything himself. He came in the other day, just so proud of himself "See mom?! I put my shirt on! Ta-da!" That kid is both ends of the spectrum - so darn cute when he is happy, and just a firecracker when he is mad. That one might be karma...


Ira and Claudia said...

what a fun trip! I didn't know you had some family living in OR as well. I bet you love having your brother closer. So Autumn I wanted to ask you for your phone number. I know you're very busy, but I would like to call you. You can email me with your phone # at
Love. me.

Kristi said...

Before I was even done reading the post I too was singing the Bob the Builder song. My Luke especially would have been in heaven at that exhibit. We planned on going to the children's museum on our way up to Seattle but were in a hurry to get there so passed on it, but it looks like we missed a great place.
How nice that you have family close enough to visit for a short little weekend trip. Great post. Looks like you all had fun.

LeeAnna said...

Yay! I finally get me a little bit of Autumn and boys! I was starting to wonder where you were.....? I am ashamed that it has been so long since we've talked that I didn't know anything about a house??? *sigh* I figured not hearing from you was a good thing - you are just busy and happy. Cameron has been asking for weeks now to go see his nathan friend where it snows. Love ya!

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

Such cute pictures! I can't wait to see your new house!