Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lost and Found

It's been a rough week, to say the least. I have lost some things that were emotionally very hard for me to lose, though in an effort to not be ungrateful or selfish, I am going to counter balance my whining with a does of gratitude. A spoonful of sugar right?

LOST: We will start backwards. Two days ago, I lost my wedding ring diamond. Yup, my solitare is totally gone. Three of the prongs totally broke off in an unknown event and at one point I was playing with my ring (which I do throughout the day subconsciously) and noticed it felt very different. That's because there was a big HOLE where the diamond should be. Now any of you who have seen my ring will know that this is not the size of diamond that would be easily noticed on the ground, it's definitely modest, possibly mistaken for a large piece of lint. I have been looking on the carpet and in the car, but no luck. I never wanted to ever change my wedding ring, never wanted to "upgrade" in my older years - I always wanted it to be the exact ring that we started out with in our humble beginnings. Not quite sure what we will do with this one...For now I am ringless, but I am sure the three kids and big belly are enough to assure anyone I am "taken"!

FOUND: My love for my husband is unmeasureable by any ring or token. He always teases me about movie stars or guys that pass by, asking if I think they are cute. I can honestly say I am not even tempted. Ever. Never had a crush on a movie star. I have the hottest, greatest man already. My looking is done!

LOST: In October we were very excited to take our first family professional pictures out in a gorgeous nearby park. The kids were a handful, but the photographer was great and the fall leaves were stunning. I adore pictures, decorate my house with them and could not WAIT until I got my pictures. Finally, 5 weeks after the shoot I got my package from the photographer only to find out that her harddrive crashed and she lost all but three of my pictures. I cried (granted I am hormonal with pregnancy, but it was sad nonetheless). She did everything right to make amends, but this is one lost thing that will not be coming back.

FOUND: Three heathly handsome boys that are just too cute for words, and apparently someone's harddrive!

LOST: My dreams of having this baby finally be a girl baby. Yup, we had our ultrasound on Tuesday and we are now expecting boy number four. I sulked for slightly longer than the last time and am still occasionally trying to get over myself. My mom asked if they were "sure" about it being a boy. Well, I didn't think it appropriate to post the "flagpole" (as the technician called it) picture, but, yes, we are pretty darn sure.

FOUND: A wiggly, healthy wonderful little spirit whose body is growing inside of me. Babies are still amazing miracles and we are grateful for this little guy. We might have to think a little harder for another great boy name, but we are still thankful, especially for his apparent health. He was actually the wiggliest baby the technician had ever seen - she was chasing him all over the place and we even have to go back again to try to get a few things he wouldn't hold still for. Sounds like he will give his brothers a run for their money!

Hope you are all finding joy and things to be thankful for in this holiday season as well!


The Florist said...

At least there was some sugar around to help swallow all the yuck. I'm so sorry about the ring. Just go fake. Cubic, that is. Congrats on the 4th flagpole in the family! You are a great mother for boys!

Mandi said...

I'm sorry about the bad week. I wish I had some great wisdom to offer. Kind of a bummer week for you though! I'm so sorry! Wish I could send a hug your way but I guess you are stuck with a comment on your post instead. I hope things get better!

Kristi said...

I am so glad you are able to look on the bright side. It is always there, we just have to find it. It still stinks that all of those things aren't going your way, but you know, life is still good.

Amanda said...

The lost things are terrible - but a boy! Yea! You have a FUN house. Congratulations!

Brandan and Becky said...

You're a great example of finding the good in any situation. We love your sweet family and look forward to meeting the newest Michaelis.

Lindsay, Steve, Spencer and Austin said...

Oh Autumn, you make me laugh. :o) I'm sorry about your recent disappointments. I recently commented to Steve about how life is so full of disappointments, and it's so hard to get used to it. I have a feeling I'll be having a family full of boys too. We need to move closer together so our boys can be buddies! I miss you so much. Are you going to be in Houston for Christmas at all? We'll be there on the Monday before Christmas through New Year's Day. Actually, you probably aren't if you're pregnant. Anyway, you're at that stage in life when your family is big enough that you can have grandparents go to you! I am a little scared to fly by myself with a 2.7 year old and 11 month old. Yikes. (steve's coming on Christmas eve) This has been a long comment. I probably should have emailed you instead, but oh well. Take care hon!