Sunday, November 22, 2009

Are you due any day now?

Yes, it's true. I, at week 21 of my 40 week pregnancy, was asked by my first unsuspecting person if my due date was on the near horizon. The funny thing is they always ask with such confidence, as if I just have to be at my size of belly. I didn't even feel like shaming the poor guy with the knowledge that this is only half way through! So, no, not any day now. People have been asking for a belly shot, which I have forgotten to take for a lot of my pregnancies, so I will try to do one a month for this guy. Here is me at month five:

Now, come on folks, do I really look like I am due any day now? I do get pretty big (sticking out like a watermelon shape wise) towards the end, but don't have any pictures to know if this is as big as normal. My YW told me I look like I have an alien belly sometimes (from the mouth of babes, right?), which I just attribute to my lovely umbillical hernia that came with baby no. 1. No, not dangerous or painful (and no aliens either!), just gives my belly a strange pointed shape.

Among other random Michaelis happenings - Matt was volunteering at a recycling roundup the other weekend and came home with a slide. No, we don't have a back yard. No, we don't even have the wooden or plastic steps leading up the the slide. Just the 6+ feet of plastic slide. I of course was not excited, but Matt saw the potential and the boys love using it to get their energy out in the house when the weather is bad. Here is a video clip of Lukie doing a more ambitious stunt on it:

The boys love to dress up, as I said before. One day Carter wore this hat all day long. I thought he just looked handsome in it and made him pose for some pictures.

Thanks Grandma Heidi for the fun hat additions to our dress-up collection!


Brandan and Becky said...

You look fantastic-- that guy is just clueless.

Love the video of the slide, especially the drop off at the end. Super fun!

sweet mama entropy said...

man, if that guy thought you were ready to pop now, he should stick around till month 8... he'd get an education in what full-term really looks like! this reminds me of the kid in my high school bio class who asked our sub when she was due - she wasn't even pregnant. some people just need to learn when not to comment :)

Kristi said...

I look, your 5-months pregnant, after a large meal when I am not pregnant. People say some pretty dumb stuff just to have something to say.
I couldn't get the video to work. It said to try again later. And so I will.
Carter does look handsome in that hat. Sometimes I wish we lived during the early 1900s so our boys could dress in knickers, vests, and hats like those. So cute.