Monday, May 4, 2009

Big Bad Five!

Wow, my baby is 5 years old. Am I qualified to have a 5 year old? Of course, I have been asking if I am qualified since Nathan was born. I still feel far from qualified to be the one in charge around here, but here we are nonetheless now with a 5, 3, and 1 year old.

My mom asked me why I was giving Nathan a birthday party when I gave him one last year and said they would only get them on their even-yeared birthdays. I told her it was because we had moved to a new area. Like that means anything. Really, I just love a good party. Plain and simple. I love to throw them and, go figure, my kids like to have them, so it's a great relationship. So, instead of presents, my kids are probably always going to get parties from me (or the choice of either) - at least until they get old enough to demand expensive parties.

(*Though, mom confession - I couldn't handle two days of birthday celebration, since I do like to make a big deal of birthdays. So, I pretended like his birthday and birthday party were on the same day, when they were actually one day apart. But, since the kid doesn't even know the days of the week or months yet, I am assuming he will be fairly unscarred from this pretense).

Unlike Carter, Nathan's primary class has about 13 kids in it (Carter only has a handful of kids his age), and almost all boys. So, I chose to keep it inclusive and invite almost the whole gang, plus a few hero-worshipped 6 year olds, and a buddy who is 4.

I was proud of myself though - I didn't take the easy route and buy all the nicely premade transformer things ready to go for the price of one of your appendages in the store - you know, the transformer invitations, masks, napkins, cups, plates, party bag goodies, etc. I knew with that many kids to keep costs down I would be going the homemade route.

It started with the invitations. Thanks BYU for my art education that I almost used to get an Art Major, then almost an Art Minor (officially, nothing at all - I stopped 4 credits short of the minor in boycott of the ridgid program and a critical teacher or two that brought me to tears - but that's another story). I don't do much art these days, though still enjoy it. My latest creation I am proud of - sad to say, these pop up invitations.

Pretty nifty, eh?

The party itself was a blast - I honestly had a good time. We did energon cube races (energon is the source of transformer power), which was just the good old marshmallow on a spoon race, Transformer bingo, Transformer memory, Optimus Prime says (same as simon says). Matt did the Optimus Prime says and it was great - the kids were captivated as Matt had them punch bad guys, jump in circles, do all kinds of fun silly noises.

Energon cube races:
Transformer bingo (when they got a bingo they said, "Autobots transform and roll out!" It was very cute). Thank you wide world web for providing me access to someone elses' hard work in making these great transformer bingo cards!
Transformer bowling:
Optimus prime says (with each kids face very serious as they punched those bad guys!)

Then we had a little intermission for a pizza dinner (thank you $5 little cesear deal!). My favorite was Nathan's hero Ashton (one of the 6 year olds) who had a blob of sauce on his forehead all of dinner because "Benny triple dog dared me to put my pizza on my forehead"! Finally, we played everyone's favorite game: Decepticon bombing. Aka - throwing 150 water balloons at 4 bad guy pictures taped onto my garage door (since we have no backyard, had to do it in the driveway). Amazingly enough, everyone listened to my threats and no one threw them at each other and came back inside fairly dry (I know, I was either brave or crazy doing water balloons, but I just knew it would be a hit and braved it nonetheless).

Finally, our half autobot half decepticon birthday cake and ice cream with presents. Nathan's friends couldn't handle the anticipation and definitley helped him open his presents, but everyone seemed to just enjoy the excitement.

The whole birthday gang (yes, just one little girl. Nathan was convinced she wouldn't want to come because it was such a "boy" type party, but I told him to invite her and let her chose. She is a tough cookie and if anything has those boys running circles around HER not the other way around!)

Nathan you are a cute, intellegent, cuddle bug and we love what you bring to our family! We can't wait to see what another year will bring! Happy birthday kiddo!


SevenVillageIdiarts said...

What a sensational themed party. I think Kari Holley better watch her step. . .you might replace her as the QUEEN of KIDS PARTIES! I can't wait to show this post to Ben and ask him all about it, especially the triple dog dare.

The Florist said...

Impressive. And yet, totally out of my princess element. Wow.

Mandi said...

Wow! I might have to come to you for birthday ideas.

Amanda said...

WOW! Great party! I love the invites.

Kristi said...

You do know how to put on an excellent party. Entertainer of the year perhaps. One of your many skills. It looks like the boys missed out on a spectacular party.
Spencer thought their invitations was SO awesome. It appears that a homemade party is better than a store bought party anyway. Nathan is great. I am glad he had such a fun birthday.

Scott | Callie| Mia| Ava said...

Thanks for letting Mia come even though it was a very BOY party. She had a fabulous time! I'm glad she has such great little friends- even if they are all boys. She doesn't seem to mind at all!

Tiffany said...

I too am very impressed Autumn! I'm glad to know that my son gives in to "triple dog dares." I can just hear him saying that. He had a great time at the party. Thanks for inviting him. You are super mom! Tiff