Sunday, February 7, 2010

January Wrap-Up

Well, despite my negativity about January in my last post, looking back on pictures we still had some great family fun. Nathan started Mighty Mights Basketball, a co-ed city basketball league for K-2 grade, which Matt was asked to help coach. Sadly, this is probably the first time Nathan has ever tried to dribble or shoot a ball, unlike some of his 5/6 year old friends who are suprisingly good at ball handling and shooting. But, Nathan is a hard worker and has fun learning the game. It's hillarious to watch these little kiddos play games, some kids just hold onto the ball for dear life and run down the court (forget dribbling!). I love that Matt loves coaching Nathan's teams and the time Matt and Nathan get to do this together.

I laughed at this last weeks game when Nathan decided that since it was so important to always have your hands up when you are on the defense, that he started having his hands up when he was on offense. Maybe in the hopes of getting passed the ball? But sometimes he would actually get in the way off a pass with those obedient little hands up!
Luke has a hard time resisting all the balls and occasionally gets the chance to chase after and play with them too.

Despite a very busy month, we were able to sneak away for our second sledding trip of the season on a Monday holiday. I won't bore you with as many pictures as last time, but here are a few of the highlights.

Best buds Nathan and Carter. Actually, the best news is that that doesn't just apply to a quick picture - they really have become the best of friends. We have stopped watching TV in the mornings and they have just started to play for up to an hour straight without any arguments having such great adventures. Yes - this is why the craziness of having kids close in age is worth it!!

The kids were so impatient to get the snowman done, I couldn't talk them into letting me make it bigger than this. Oh well, he's a cute little guy nonetheless.

Matt's parents sent us this great tube sled. Though there wasn't enough snow to use it much on the hill, it was a great place for the kids to hang out or to get rides from daddy in. Carter loved riding in it with Luke, but Luke wasn't so impressed.

On the way home from sledding all the kids passed out. I took this picture because you can very easily see how much Nathan and Luke look like each other!

Nathan's picture he drew in class when they were studying ocean animals was chosen by his teacher to go on display in an art show at the mall. Nathan was pretty unimpressed with it all, but I was excited for him. Not that he is set to follow in his mom's footsteps as an artist, but it's fun to think about your kid possibly taking after you in some way. I did laugh that Nathan is a very realistic artist- he always wants to do things EXACTLY like the example and prefers to draw or color things he can see a picture of. I was sadly the same way, even as an art major at BYU - I was only good at drawing things I saw, never very good at just drawing "off the top of my head".

Heres a close up - it has a orca, jellyfish, squid, crab, starfish, and long orange thing is a shark egg (they are often called "mermaid pouches" they look like long pouches - Nathan has read about them in books and seen one in FL)

Finally, it's hard to miss my belly these days. I have gotten used to the comments about how I carry my baby so "out" over the years, but I laughed at myself tonight as we were at a friends house and I kept knocking things down or running into people, forgetting the "out"ness of my belly! Seven weeks and counting!


The Florist said...

I love you, Autumn, but seriously, what kind of alien life form is growing under there? I have never, in all my years of swooning over girlfriends Buddah bellies, seen anything remotely close to your shape. Oh, and by the way, how are you able to keep those shoulders so tight and lovely?

Kristi said...

I didn't realize you only have 7 weeks. That is right around the corner. Your pregnancy has gone quickly...for me. You may not feel the same way. Looks like you had loads of fun sledding. One day we will branch out and get adventurous...maybe.

Brandan and Becky said...

You look beautiful, Autumn-- no wonder you have such cute kids. January flew by for us, too, and here it is already a week into February. I'm loving the mild winter, although it does mean less snow for sledding.

Aubrey said...

7 weeks and counting until I get to see you and play good big sister/aunt! Yipee!!

Megan said...

It is so cute to see Nathan and Matt on the court! I can't believe how pregnant you are! You look awesome Autumn!