Thursday, July 30, 2009

Boys will be boys!

Although I definitely had to have a paradigm shift every time that ultrasound has revealed another baby boy (Okay, so I cried every time. What can I say, my "maternal instinct" kept leading me to believe I was having a girl on every one!), we would definitely not have it any other way! We LOVE our pack of boys. It's so fun now that Lukie is walking (yes, that's right - he will not crawl his way into nursery, the child is finally full fledged walking. And running. Oh dear...) and getting older to watch the boys start all playing together.

The best is when daddy gets home and daddy wrestlemania begins. As soon as dinner is done Matt is on the floor wrestling with the boys. He is the king of getting everyone in a good mood with it, even Carter at his grumpiest. They love beating him up and having pillow fights. I love that Matt wants to be with his boys as soon as he gets home! He is such a champ dad, always wanting to be with the kids and build that relationship. Here are all the boys riding the "daddy camel".

I also loved it the other night when all three boys played together for the first time. Each of them had a lightsabor and amazingly enough had fun without ending in tears (yeah, giving little boys long stick toys such as lightsabors isn't always the best, but the imagination that comes with it is awesome).
I had to do a close up of Luke's face - he is SO excited to be playing with the big boys!

Oh dear, Darth took out our dear Carter. The kid awesome at playing dead. He must know it too because he "dies" at least 10 times every time they sword fight or play light sabors.


Kristi said...

Yea Lukie! There is something so neat about when the kids play together and like each other. Those are seriously some of my favorite parenting moments.
I can relate to this post.
Boys ARE fun!

Megan said...

I love that pic of the boys on Matt's back! SO cute! We used to wrestle with my dad when he got home from work... but it always seemed to get too rough for the girls. Lukie is growing up so fast!