Thursday, October 16, 2008

What IS Zumba?

As of two weeks ago I am a Zumba fitness instructor here at the local YMCA. I certified a month ago and then just started teaching and LOVE it. It's a lot of work to pick up a new type of aerobics like that (and then be able to turn around and teach it), but I am coming to really enjoy it.

So what is it?

Zumba is a latin dance fitness craze that has literally gone world-wide. It started with a guy named Beto, an aerobics teacher at the time, forgetting his music for a class and having to use the latin music that he just had in his car. His class loved it and it just grew and grew from there. His idea is that working out shouldn't be dreaded - Zumba classes are supposed to be high energy and "party-like" (that's a quote from their website), as well as a good work out and a fun way to learn different dance steps. One of the biggest challenges is making it universal - for dancer and non-dancer alike. Dancers will catch on faster because of their experience, but instructors try to build on basic steps so that everyone can do it. The basic steps build on latin steps like merengue, salsa, etc. If you are interested, they have a website that shows you a little more about it. And yes, I wear more clothes when I teach than most of their models do!

I have seen amazing results in the last two weeks from a bunch of people who weren't sure they could do it to regulars who plan on being at every class. I have definitely fallen on my face as I have pushed myself to be a professional instructor (I have been certified since college, but have been wrapped up in motherhood and hadn't made it a priority yet), but enjoy the rewards of helping people have fun and work out. I feel like I have found a part of myself again - I was the energetic (probably slightly annoying) teenager who was not only at every stake dance, but every stake dance within the three surrounding stakes (yes, I was that zelous). I love to dance, I love smiling, and I love working out and this combines all three.

So, if you are ever in the area, let me know - you can Zumba!
Who's who answers: Luke: #1 and #6, Carter #3 and #5, Nathan: #2, #4, #7 and #8 (sorry, first child overdose of pictures sindrome - we just have more pictures to work with from his baby days! Sad!)


Christine said...

ok i finally found your blog! yea!you are darling. I loved reading all your posts so are right on track to being a great blogging pro! So I just want to say thanks for 'Zumbaing' with us in the wee hours of the morning...sorry for all the drama it caused but I hope you know that I really appreciated you giving of your sleep to do that and it was so fun! One of these days I will make it to the 8:00 aerobics so I can get my fill of Autumn's awesome aerobics again! I love that you have just totally jumped into this ward and are such a go-getter! YOu amaze me with all you can manage and I love ya sweetie! Oh and thanks again for the flowers on my bday...what an "incredible" friend you already are! You are always thinking of others and are just full of service all the time!

auntdiane said...

I love visiting your blog! I would like to pass it on to my kids. what a great family you are creating with all your fun family events...good job on the costumes...I have a few to pass on if you want! I am glad life is going so well. What joy those cute boys are bringing into your life! Take care and keep it up! Come up and visit for a weekend.

lisa said...

Autumn!! Great to hear from you! I just had to comment on this blog cause I definitely saw the crazy dancer girl in you at all those stake dances :) love ya!

janet paiz said...

Hi Autumn great blog I love the pictures of your boys and reading how wonderful your doing. After reading your blog the first time you sent it to us I read about the Zumba and tried it with Sophia. It's awesome!!